Digital Emissions Week 

The Five Dollar Project introduces Digital Emissions Week, a weeklong campaign about digital carbon footprints and ways to reduce our impacts. 

Digital emissions are carbon emissions released from the storage of unused data compiled on the Internet. Any file or piece of content that is stored constantly requires electricity to save, generating  unwarranted carbon emissions.


During this global lockdown, Internet usage has exponentially increased, resulting in an even higher amassing of spam mail, email subscriptions, and other filling data. 


Three events will open on ways to reduce our digital footprint through spam cleanses, demanding action from Internet platforms, and more.


We are focusing on targeting the Internet-using audience, who can learn how to use technology in the cleanest and most efficient way possible.

Video curated by Jonathan Sarasa, Miami FL.

DAY ONE: What are Digital Emissions?

Monday, August 24th


1. The Digital Emissions Week team comes together in a video discussing how technology and internet usage contributes to climate change, and what platforms release the most emissions. 

2. The team takes to a virtual post set in visually explaining how data centers pollute on an international level through energy consumption.

DAY TWO: "Mitigating Our Digital Footprint" Workshop

Wednesday, August 26th


TFDP unpacks solutions and mitigation strategies surrounding our internet usage. 

WORKSHOP FACILITATORS: Etienne, Rachel, Mariam and Nichole